Call for research proposals


The mission of MCBS is to facilitate learning and growth in knowledge, skills, innovation and technical know-how that best serve the community in the 21st century. To align with this mission, MCBS has included in its strategic plan the perspective on Research and Consultancy which aims to contribute to the creation and sharing of knowledge. 

Broadly defined, institutional research projects are any type of research activities aimed to improve/modernize/develop internal and/or external processes/activities/procedures/affairs within the functioning of MCBS in order to achieve its mission, vision, and objectives in the best possible way benefiting all shareholders and society at large. In short, institutional research projects focus on solving specific problems of MCBS. 

Further to our objectives to continue to progress and support research conducted by our faculty, the RSAC (Research and Scholarly Activities Committee) is inviting proposals for the AY 2022/23:  

  • Identified area of institutional research, along with the application form is accessible here.  
  • We are open to considering other areas of interest provided they are justified to be relevant and address important areas of concern/development  
  • Kindly apply through the online system on SharePoint.  
  • The deadline for application for AY 2022/23 is mid-September 2022.  Other important dates are listed online.  

Important dates: 

  1. Call for Research Proposals is effective from June 15nd to September 10th, 2022.  
  2. Proposal Evaluation: September 13th  to  September 28th,  2022. 
  3. Decision/Acceptance notification: October 02 – 03, 2022. 

Please apply and submit your proposals online, the application form is available on SharePoint Portal/Research Funding Request. Click HERE

Or Copy the following link: 

Please refer to the following documents (Share Point) for your guidance: 

  • Research and Consultancy Policy 
  • Research Agenda 
  • Guidelines for Institutional Research 
  • IP Guidelines