Call for research proposals

The Research and Scholarly Activities Committee (RSAC) would like to announce the sixth 

CALL FOR RESEARCH PROPOSALS to the academic community of the Modern College of Business and Science (MCBS).


The mission of MCBS is to facilitate learning and growth in knowledge, skills, innovation and technical know-how that best serve the community in the 21st century. To align with this mission, MCBS has included in its strategic plan the perspective on Research and Consultancy which aims to contribute to the creation and sharing of knowledge.


Broadly defined, institutional research projects are any type of research activities aimed to improve/ modernize/develop internal and/or external processes/activities/procedures/affairs within the functioning of MCBS in order to achieve its mission, vision, and objectives in the best possible way benefiting all shareholders and society at large. In short, institutional research projects focus on solving specific problems of MCBS.

The college has a list of research topics/areas focus on the following:

(1) Social Media and its impact on attracting students and outreach  
(2)  Effective Implementation Strategies for Academic Advisement at MCBS: Development of a fit for purpose Model
(3) Strategies to detect and improve At Risk students’ performance.
(4) Building an enhanced culture of Academic integrity in HEIs.
(5) Students’ retention strategies.
(6) Long term plans identifying program needs and jobs for the future.
(7) Identifying factors for effective distance learning.
(8) Application of data mining on MCBS student data to identify drop out factors.

(9) Data Modelling to predict at risk students using effective advising.  



Submitted proposals will be shortlisted and reviewed by a panel of examiners. The college has set aside a fund to support the conduct of the selected research projects and the dissemination of the output in conferences. The funding support includes the payment of 1) the conduct of research activities based on the approved budget of the research project, and 2) registration, travel, and per diem required for one research conference.


Important dates:


  1. Call for Research Proposals is effective from June 2nd to July 30th, 2021. 
  2. Proposal Evaluation: August 1st to August 14th,  2021.
  3. Decision/Acceptance notification: 21-22 /08/2021.



Faculty Benefits 

1. The institutional research results are presented by the researcher or a nominated member of the research team in an international conference and all associated costs are funded by MCBS. 

2. Remaining research members are offered 50% of the associated conference costs and the number of research members receiving 50% are limited to three members only. 

3. Once the institutional research is published in an international refereed journal, it will be counted towards FTE research outcome, otherwise it will only count towards FTE service.

4. If a faculty member is involved in more than one institutional research, he/she will be entitled to receive additional 50% funding for conference attendance.       


Please apply and submit your proposalonline, the application form is available on SharePoint Portal/Research Funding Request. Click HERE.


Or Copy the following link:


Please refer to the following documents (Share Point) for your guidance:


  • Research and Consultancy Policy
  • Research Agenda
  • Guidelines for Institutional Research
  • IP Guidelines