Student Support & Activities

The Student Services division of the College offers support services for students, enhances student learning and promotes student participation in social, cultural and recreational activities. The quality of student life outside the classroom is important to the students' total academic experience.


Smooth transitions play a key role to happier and more successful College experiences. In order to make these transitions as seamless as possible, MCBS conducts a Student Orientation at the beginning of each semester for the benefit of the new students. Orientation helps students to:

  • become acquainted with the College rules and regulations
  • meet academic advisors
  • meet faculty and staff
  • become familiar with the physical layout of the campus
  • meet current students who "know the ropes"

Student Council

MCBS has a Student Council for the purpose of students to have an effective means of providing input to the College administration to improve overall student life. The Council is composed of students from the College. The Student Council also provides many opportunities for student growth and leadership development such as:

  • planning and organizing student activities;
  • informing the administration about the student needs and recommendations;
  • developing leadership qualities; and
  • improving student morale.

The students of MCBS elect representatives and a President annually.

Career Services

MCBS provides many opportunities for career preparation and employment through course work and assignments, on-campus training, and internship programs.

Identity Cards

Each student will be issued an identity card upon admission. These should be produced on request by security personnel or any official or faculty member.