Academic Advising

Academic advising is an essential element of the educational process. MCBS has an established Course Advising Module in EDUPORTAL system that plays a key role in helping the advisor in monitoring the students’ academic progression, and maintaining advisory records.

Each academic advisor in each academic department has a group of advisees that are assigned by the registration department in consultation with the concerned HODs, according to the number of the students and the number of faculty members. The number of advisees per each advisor varies from 25 to 40. The list of advisees is updated each semester depending on the number of newly joining students in the specific programs.

MCBS requires advisor-student meetings at least twice each regular semester – one during the advising week at the beginning of the semester and the other during the pre-registration period in the course of the semester. These meetings enable discussion and monitoring of advisees’ academic performance. The academic advisors have access to the degree audits and transcripts of their advisees so as to know the academic status necessary for guidance. The advisors assist and support students in obtaining a well-balanced education and in interpreting college policies and procedures. Student information and issues are kept confidential thereby addressing privacy concerns.

Academic advisors give special attention to students under academic probation to help them improve their academic performance. The students’ probation status is determined by their recent performance rather than historical performance. At MCBS, the role of the academic advisor extends beyond course selection, advisors may assist students with virtually all aspects of the academic experience.