Mathematics and IT Placement Test (Semester 3 2020/2021)

  • Students can take Math and IT placement tests twice only. The first attempt is free and the second attempt must be paid.
  • Students can take both attempts during the same semester or different semesters.
  • If a student fails a course, he/she can still take the Math/IT placement test once and it must be paid.
  • Students can pay for the Math/IT placement test at the Accounts Department.
  • Students must bring the payment receipt on the placement test day.
  • Students should book for the placement test at least one day before the exam from Registration office.
  • Students registered for ( MATH 10, MATH 20, MATH 21, COSC 10 ) are not allowed to book for the test until they check their final grades.
  • Students should be at the placement test venue at least 15 minutes before the test.
  • Practice questions paper for the placement tests are available at the registration office.
  • Students Must provide “Civil ID” to be able to sit for the placemat test.

Date Day Time Room
17- Feb – 2021 Wednesday 11:00 -12:00 2017
18- Feb – 2021 Thursday 11:00 -12:00 2017