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Oman is a perfect role model of peaceful coexistence

Dialogue enhances mutual interfaith understanding, respect and enrichment

All expatriate residents coexist in harmony in the Sultanate where everyone enjoys stability and security, thanks to the country’s unique heritage of respect for all people irrespective of their faith, colour or race. Not only this, but at the regional and international level, Oman uses all its potentials to help solve crises and advance peace-building endeavours

THE Sixth Observer Roundtable Conference held recently at the Modern College of Business and Science focused on the 'Significance of Interfaith Dialogue for Peaceful Coexistence', a topic that assumes more importance in the present globalised world than ever before.

The six distinguished panellists at the roundtable were Rev Christopher Howitz, Lead Pastor, Protestant Church of Oman; Shaikh Hatim Harith al Abdissalaam, Mufti of Oman LNG; BK Gayathri, Director, Brahma Kumaris Rajyoga Centre for Self Development; Dr Syed Bashir Ahmed, Assistant Professor, University of Nizwa; Rev Douglas Leonard, Executive Director, Al Amana Centre; and Kamal Khimji, Representative, International Association of Human Values.

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