29 Jul 2020

Enriching students' experiences and expanding their horizons

Professor Dr Ali Khatibi

In a career spanning of 38 years in academia and industry, Professor Ali has held many senior academic and administrative positions at The Management and Science University and has been instrumental in providing a high level of leadership in research, teaching and administration.

Prof. Ali is the Senior Vice President, Dean of Post Graduate Centre (PGC) and a Professor of Marketing at the Management and Science University, and has served in various senior positions. Moreover, he is been honoured as a Senior Research Fellow and serves as an Adjunct Professor in China, Singapore, Australia and Germany.

Prof. Ali developed and promoted the new disciplines of marketing, DNA marketing and Web marketing, which swiftly gained international recognition amongst his peers. He developed and established undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programmes and lectured in those programmes extensively, establishing professional links with universities and industries in Malaysia, as well as overseas.

Prof. Ali has won the Gold and Silver Medal for “Invention and Innovation research” – Malaysia, is listed in Who’s Who in the world and the USA for the past seven years and is currently working with ABEST- Japan to develop Asia’ Management games.

His research and teaching interests span a range of areas, including marketing, TQM, business applications of IT, multimedia and Web Marketing; e-business; IT management and outsourcing. He has successfully supervised research degree students (64 PhDs, 53 Masters and more than 200 MBAs). He has obtained external and internal competitive research grants from Malaysia, Japan, South Korea and the UK, and served as a reviewer for national and international research grant applications.

He has over 250 publications, which include 250-refereed journal and conference papers, and 53 other journal publications. He has been appointed as Editor-in- Chief in the UK, guest-edited special issues of journals, as well as presented keynote addresses, and been invited for numerous tutorials and seminars as a valued guest speaker. 

In recognition of his contributions to the research field, he has been awarded several ‘best paper’ awards and Gold Medal ribbons and has been recognised as a “significant contributor” to high-quality research. Prof. Ali also serves as a consultant to over 24 local and international companies, (stated in the board of book review for J. Wiley, Mc Grew Hill).

Prof. Ali has published several books, such as Principles of marketing, Internet marketing and Consumer Behaviour, to exemplify a small smattering. He is currently on the board of PhD examiners in Malaysia, the UK, China, Indian, India and Australia. 

Professor Ali is a distinguished visitor and tutorial speaker of the Web-marketing Group Society and TQM, Leadership. He has delivered several invited workshops and tutorials on a range of subjects for professionals, practitioners and managers in several countries and he is a very sought-after speaker. He has written many Executive Reports on a range of areas in marketing, TQM and Leadership, which have targetted senior executives, and managers in leading companies.

Prof. Ali has been an effective resource personnel in the Management Development Program at all levels of Management, in the EU, SEA, ASIA, and China.  During recent years, he has been training managers and consultants in reputed organisations, such as Sime Derby, NTT, TM, Siemens, C.S Focus, ASC, Alcatel, CIU-China, NPC, and many more.

Prof.Ali has organised and participated in more than a three hundred workshops in marketing and Management areas and has attended several courses in Marketing, TQM, Leadership and Management.

Prof. Ali graduated with a PhD in Marketing, an MBA in Marketing with TQM and an MBA in production with TQM.

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