17 Jun 2020

Covid 19 era - Challenges for job opportunities

Dr. Wail Al- Harrasi
Founder & CEO, Wabas Enterprises & Investments

Dr. Ali Al Shidhani
Group VP of Technology, ASYAD Group

Covid 19 era - Challenges for job opportunities

Dr. Wail Saif Al-Harrasi is the Founder & CEO of Wabas Enterprises & Investments. A company specialising on investment on technology & human capital as well as providing strategy consultancy on those areas. He sits as chairman of board of governance for the Modern College of Business & Science.

He is a renowned strategist, communicator, and public speaker. He facilitated several technical and economic forums as well as hosting his own radio shows on national broadcasting station, Oman FM. He has been invited nationally and internationally to speak on religion, culture, youth, and technology.

Prior to establishing Wabas, Dr. Al-Harrasi worked in the Petroleum Development Oman in  billion dollar projects as an engineer then worked in  economics & corporate planning then finally as production manager responsible for the sustained delivery of 10% of the national production of oil managing multiple complex hydrocarbon facilities leading diverse teams. Dr. Al-Harrasi earned PhD in Chemical Engineering & Advanced Materials from Newcastle University, MSc with distinction in Sustainable Chemical Engineering, and a Bachelor of Science honors degree in Chemical Process Engineering from The University of Sheffield. His novel research on waste gas recovery was awarded a patent in 2011.

Dr. Ali Al Shidhani is the Group VP of Technology at ASYAD Group. His mandate is to develop and steer technology and innovation strategy for ASYAD Group. Previously, he was the Director of Research Centers at the Research Council in Oman. Dr. Ali managed research centers and led the development of new centers. Also, he managed Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Research at The Research Council of Oman. As a director of ICT Research, his mission at work was to push the national ICT research and innovation agenda forward through several programs and initiatives. Prior to that, Dr. Ali was a visiting researcher at City University London where he researched the topic of information security in future cities. Dr. Ali started his career as a full-time Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Sultan Qaboos University where he was teaching, conducting research and supervising undergraduate and postgraduate projects. Dr. Ali developed and taught several courses in Digital Logic Design, Embedded Systems Design, Systems Design for Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computing Systems and Programming Languages. His research interest is in wireless security and has published several scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals and international conferences in addition to a book chapter. Dr. Ali received his B.Eng degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Sultan Qaboos University in 2001, Masters of IT in Data Communications from Queensland University of Technology, Australia in 2003. Dr. Ali received his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of British Columbia, Canada in 2010. Dr. Ali is a member of several national ICT committees and has delivered numerous presentations in ICT in national and international conferences and forums. Dr. Ali is also a co-founder and investor in 3 ICT-based startups in Oman.

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