21 Oct 2020

IoT, AI, Big Data and teaching statistics

Prof. Jacek Leskow

Director, NASK National Research Institute, Warsaw

Main professional engagements: 2018-2020 NASK National Research Institute, Warsaw, Director. from 2012 Cracow University of Technology, Cracow, Professor. 1997 – 2012 WSB-NLU Polish-American Business School, Nowy Sącz. Deputy Rector for Research. from 1989 University of California, USA ( until 1997 – full time, later – part-time), Professor. Professional expertise (selected) Artificial Intelligence.

Has developed new prediction algorithms for time series and signals. Applications in mining, machine industry, finance. Principal investigator of research projects from NATO, University of California, National Center for Science (NCN) in Poland, Mexico and Brazil. Prepared 5 research books (Springer), 62 publications in international journals, leadership of the international research group (since 2000). Has headed the Ministry of Digitalization group developing the strategy of AI for Poland. Has headed applications of AI tools into the nationwide public administration platform EZD. Has headed the group building the nationwide OSE telecommunication fiberoptics network (2018-2020)

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