02 Sep 2020

Perspectives and challenges of the Belt and Road Initiative (Case study: Oman and Balkans)

Dr. Katarina Zakić

Research Fellow at the Institute of International Politics and Economics (Serbia),

Dr.  Katarina Zakić is a Research Fellow at the Institute of International Politics and Economics (Serbia), and she works in Regional Centre for Belt and Road Initiative. Her research includes management and intercultural management, as well as business practice and economics in the People’s Republic of China. In recent years, her main research scope is Belt and Road Initiative and 17+1 Cooperation Mechanism. Katarina is Deputy Editor-in-Chief of IIPE`s journal The Review of International Affairs.

Katarina obtained the title of Associate Professor at the Faculty of Business Studies at Megatrend University in October 2017, where she was teaching several subjects: Management, Organizational Behavior, Strategic Management, and Intercultural Management, on all levels of studies.

 She was the director of the Chinese Centre (2013–2018) and the Vice-Rector for International Cooperation at the same University (2017–2018). Katarina defended her Ph.D. thesis The Distinctiveness of Management in Asia-Pacific Region: Interaction of West and East Experience (Case Study: Hong Kong) at the Faculty of Business Studies (2011). Dr. Zakić got Chinese scholarship Visiting China (2014), granted by Hanban, which she completed at the prestigious Nankai University in Tianjin. She also won a scholarship from the Chinese Ministry of Culture – Visiting Program for Young Sinologist 2016 – that was conducted in Xi`an.

Dr. Zakić is working with both a state and independent think-thanks as an expert in the modern Chinese economy and BRI. Besides this, she cooperates with many Chinese newspapers as a commentator.

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