Entrepreneurship Club Hosts a Talk by Al Rud’ha on “Spaces That Provide a Productive Environment”

The Entrepreneurship Club collaborated with Student Council in organizing a motivational talk by Al Rud’ha Co-Founder, Ms. Fatma Sultan Bahwan. The goal was to bring awareness on entrepreneurial activities and efforts beyond the classroom walls. The talk took place in the Seminar Room at 10:00 am on Monday, 13th November 2017. The audience present were predominantly freshmen and sophomore standing students who are freshly introduced to the concept of entrepreneurship in their respective courses.

The Co-Founder, Fatma, addressed the students in an extremely relatable and humorous manner, where the talk was done in both English and Arabic to cater to the diverse group of attendees. She talked about how the concept of Al Rud’ha was brought to light; specifically, how it started as a simple idea from college students to how the company is now profitable and expanding.

Once she finished talking about Al Rud’ha’s journey in terms of actualizing the idea, juggling being a student and an entrepreneur, and challenges faced along the way, the floor was open to a Q&A session. Themes discussed included SWOT Analysis, feasibility studies, market research for location expansion, business networking, public speaking, teamwork, and much more. When the topic of budgeting came up, she stated following “The Ivy Lee Method” for achieving peak productivity whilst touching on the minimal viable product concept.

Fatma wrapped up the talk by advising students to “start early and that you have nothing to lose; it is better to say you failed at 20 than it is to say you failed at 50.”