Masoud Nasser Masoud Al-Jahdhamy

  • Degree: Bachelor
  • Specialization: Information Systems
  • G.Year: 2013

After completing My High School, I have done a survey searching for perfect college in Muscat and the best evaluation and the outcome was MCBS as one of the best Colleges In Muscat .It has a lot of major selections and It’s one of the college offers American Program in Muscat .The schedules are very flexible for fulltime students and so as for part-time students (working adults). I chose MCBS for its high articulation rates to Muscat private institutes and splendid learning atmosphere, as well as teaching facilities.
I would most certainly recommend Modern College to other students because it helps you realize your goals and leaves you certain that they can actually be achieved.
The environment at MCBS has always been friendly, and a very good network communication between students to students and students with their lecturers. I hope to pursue a Master Program in Information System major at Modern College once I finish Bachelor of Science in Information System "
Masoud Nasser Masoud Al-Jahdhamy