Alumni Association Goals

  • Serving all Alumni members such as faculty professors & lecturers, students and individuals based upon the authorized facilities of the Alumni association.
  • Enhance the performance of MCBS education programs, department units and professional studies such as a research for market demand
  • Share Alumni interests, activities and experiences
  • Facilitate new cultures such as innovation, invention, creativity and creating new markets
  • Exchange of ideas and programs between different communities
  • Attract experts, intellectuals, talents and ambitious people, writers and creative generations either from internal or external resources to contribute in a sense of  offering their potential for new platforms and invest these opportunities such as entrepreneurship programs
  • Expand the variety of national and international developments
  • Build social work such as saving rare traditions and heritage
  • Build international network in term of optimizing the scientific specializations, new technologies, advanced researches and the most modern and recent facilities
  • Drawing inspiration and motivation from outstanding vitality

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