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CEAP offers the General Foundation Program (GFP) that prepares students for higher education. The GFP is open to all non-native speakers of English who wish to improve their English, pursue their studies in higher education, or further their professional careers.

The program is based on an integrated-skill approach and is designed to help our students get the best learning experience. Learning, to that effect, is pretty much student-centered and our teachers engage in best teaching practices.

GFP Goals

  1. Assisting students in enhancing their English language proficiency in the four language skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking) with an emphasis on critical thinking;
  2. Improving students’ knowledge in basic and applied /pure mathematic skills;
  3. Reinforcing students’ knowledge in basic computer applications.
  4. Equipping students with the fundamental study skills that will help them succeed in their higher studies.
[testimonial name="Walid Fandi" email="" company="Modern College of Business and Science" designation="Lecturer"] Why MCBS? At MCBS, learning English is fun! In a multi-cultural environment such as ours, you will become more confident and learn to communicate effectively in English. With us, you will be M- motivated C-committed B-brilliant S-successful! Join MCBS, your passport to success! [/testimonial]

Admission Requirements & Procedures

Delivery of Classes

Class Schedule

  1. Morning shift for levels one and two: 8:00 am - 2:00 pm
  2. Afternoon shift for levels three and four: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
  3. Evening shift: 4:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Contact hours


Fall  semester

Spring semester

Summer semester

LEVEL 1,2,3 & 4

15 weeks
(20 hours weekly)

15 weeks
(20 hours weekly)

14 weeks
(20 hours weekly)

Assessment: quizzes, assignments, class participation, final exams

Course passing mark: 70% / a grade of “C”



ENGL 0011 
Listening and Speaking
ENGL 0012
Reading and Writing
ENGL 0013
ORNT 001
Orientation I

ENGL 0021 
Listening and Speaking
ENGL 0022
Reading and Writing
ENGL 0023

ENGL 0031 
Listening and Speaking
ENGL 0032
Reading and Writing
ENGL 0033
Math 10
Basic Mathematics

ENGL 0041 
Listening and Speaking
ENGL 0042
Reading and Writing
ENGL 0043
Math 20
Applied Mathematics
Math 21
Pure Mathematics
Cosc 10
Fundamentals of Computing

Students who are planning to pursue degree studies, need to take additional courses in mathematics (Level 3 and 4) and computing (Level 4). Those courses are designed to ensure the general mathematical and computing skills of students entering to degree programs.

Math 10 
Basic Mathematics
This course is assessed for arithmetic, understanding of Coordinate systems, elementary handling methods of mathematical calculations without the use of calculator. Topics include fundamentals of algebra, linear equations, inequalities, exponents, polynomial, solving and graphing equations of lines. contact hours: 60
assessment: quizzes, Student-teacher office hours, midterm test, final exam
passing mark: 60%
Math 20 /Math 21
Applied/Pure Mathematics
Applied Mathematics is focused for students entering to higher education in Business, Education, Linguistic, Social sciences etc. The topics covered in Applied Mathematics are Basic Algebra, commercial Mathematics and some basic concepts of Statistics.
Pure Mathematics is designed to cater the need of students entering to Engineering, Sciences, and Health Sciences etc. The topics covered are Basic Algebra, Basic Trigonometric Concepts, Basic Probability and Statistics and related application problems.
contact hours: 60
assessment: quizzes, Student-teacher office hours, midterm test, final exam
passing mark: 60%
COSC 10 Fundamentals of Computing
The course introduces the basic concepts of data processing and explains computer based information systems in general. The course covers the documentation, spreadsheet manipulation, creating presentations and fundamentals of computer networks and internet. contact hours: 60
assessment: quizzes, assignments, Student-teacher office hours, midterm test, project , final exam
passing mark: 60%

[bubble background="#FFF" color="#999" border="3px solid #aacb24" author="Mohammed Al-Badi, Student"] I had a great experience while I was in the English Foundation program at MCBS. I liked the teachers who taught me. They used very creative ways of teaching. [/bubble]
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GFP Faculty

All of the English language instructors have advanced degrees or certificates in teaching English and are eager to help students elevate their English language to a great success. Besides Omani instructors, many instructors are from America, Canada, Europe and Asia, which allows students to experience other cultures.

[testimonial name="Rahma Al Amri" email="" company="Modern College of Business and Science" designation="Lecturer"] Working as an EFL dept. at MCBS has been rewarding; it has added to my perspective, sharpened my skills, and enriched my experience. What I appreciate most about working with ESL team is working closely with faculty to support students' learning. [/testimonial] [/block]
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