Student Affairs

The Role of the Department of Student Affairs at MCBS

The Department of Student Affairs (DSA) is to support the academic and personal development of our students through a variety of programs that offer our students the opportunity to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of themselves, others, and the world around them while maintaining the core values of the Omani culture. DSA encourages professional, personal and academic success through a variety of programs such as student activities, community events, counseling, and career guidance.

Department of Student Affairs

The Department of Student Affairs provides

  • resources for academic, social, and personal advising
  • information about college procedures and policies
  • information about student code of conduct procedure
  • information about and support for the Student Council
  • notification to faculty on students with valid absenteeism and sick leave
  • support for students with concerns or in crisis
  • assistance with conflict resolution
  • accommodation/assistance for students with special needs or shot term needs
  • Internships and training opportunities for students at different organizations.
  • Workshops & seminars for professional development
  • Opportunities for work placements.
  • Industrial visits to different organizations in the capital.
  • Information on variety of Student Activity Clubs