Answers to Insurance Companies Questions

For MCBS Medical insurance bid/RFQ 9March2020

  • Question regarding Staff Categories and hospital network  
  • Answer: List of staff and their categories as well as hospital network bands is available for clarification and collection. Only the Chairman and 3 members of his family will be category A. All Staff will be Category C. Insurer to quote cost of upgrade from Category C to Category B per person. Interested staff will pay the difference. Note: (a) Badr Sama network to be quoted separate accept for Khoud Branch to be part of Category C Staff. (b) Differential cost to insure staff for Hospital network Band A and A+ to be detailed per person. MCBS might limit access if cost is a constraint and it will only be available through staff contribution for Category B.
  • Question: What is the expiring Pre Conditions limit for CAT A , CAT B & CAT C as the same is not mentioned in the document? 
  • Answer: Preexisting conditions limited to be capped at 2500 RO per person
  • Question Regarding Dental, Optical and Maternity coverage 
  • Answer: no it should not be part of coverage
  • Question: What is the current policy end date? 
  • Answer: 13th April 2020
  • Claim history and list of members to be insured is available upon request.
  • MCBS will not continue with coinsurance with Globcom for this due to policy alignment requirements