Parents frequently ask us questions about their son or daughter’s education at MCBS. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions with answers:

Q. Why should I send my son or daughter to MCBS?
A. MCBS has an international standing and is regarded among the best colleges in Oman. It has the best English language preparation program, excellent teachers (over 90% of all teachers hold higher degrees), and it has an outstanding record of placing its graduates in business in Oman.

Q. How long will it take my son or daughter to graduate?

A. You should plan for a year in the foundation program and two or four years for Academic studies depending on whether Associate or Bachelor degree is sort. The associate degree consists of 60 credit hours. The Bachelor’s degree consists of 120 credit hours.

Q. Which degree is better?
A. The answer depends on your son or daughter’s goals and his or her abilities as well. If your son or daughter is interested in quickly entering the labor market and working, the two year degree is better. Some students choose to complete their Associate degree and then study part time while working.

Q. How many students have graduated from MCBS?
A. As of June 2012, a total of 1364 students have graduated from MCBS. 988 have graduated with their associate degrees and 376 have graduated with their bachelor degrees.

Q. What do students do when they graduate?
A. Students have three choices. Most graduates choose to take up employment in the private and government sectors here in Oman. Many students have also in the past transferred to the United States to complete their Bachelors degrees abroad. At MCBS students can complete two years and begin working, continue at the college (full or part-time) to complete their four year degree, or transfer to the United States, UK, or Australia.

Q. What is the best major?
A. All majors are good. The choice of major should depend on both interests and abilities. For example, students who are not comfortable taking many mathematics classes should not major in compute science. Part of the educational services of the College includes helping students to make a good choice in their major.

Q. Is it possible to work full time and to get a degree from MCBS?
A. Yes, MCBS welcomes students who wish to pursue their degrees on a part time basis. In fact, the college has a large number of students who are also working full time. Most required courses are offered both in the day and in the evening, on a rotating basis, designed especially to make it easy for part time students to complete their studies.