Refund Policy

  • All refunds from MCBS are done only on a refund request done by the student or the concerned party
  • Student deposit refunds: Students are required to pay a Refundable deposit amount of 100 RO when they join or 1,000 RO for those students who under our visa. This deposit amount is refunded back to the student once the clearance is done when they leave the college. A clearance form signed by the required departments has to be presented for the refund to be processed.
  • Other Student refunds: Other student refunds includes refund of tuition fees due to Course drops. The following are the charges due to course drops.

    Course Drop Charges
      1st and 2nd week 3rd week 4th week 5th week 6th week and onwards
    ESL Courses (All Semesters) No charge 25% 50% 75% Full charge
    Credit Courses (Only Spring & Fall Semesters) No charge 25% 50% 75% Full charge

    Credit Course Drop Charges (Only Summer Semester)
      1st week 2nd week 3rd week
    Credit Courses (Only Summer) No charge Full Charge Full Charge
  • All refunds for payments done through credit cards are deducted 2% of the refundable amount which is bank charges. Refunds are paid through cheques.