Payment Methods

  • Any new student who gets admitted to the college or register for a semester should pay at least 25% from the tuition fees including refundable deposit and college facilities.
  • The tuition fees can be paid by installment throughout the semester, and it can be divided into 3 to 4 installments (there is an online provision to enter the installments while registering through eduportal) and the student has to cover all fees within the end of the semester. 25% of the fees must be paid while registering for the semester.
  • The payment can be processed by Visa or Master Card, current dated cheques, Bank Transfers or the least priority being cash.
  • If any cheque is returned or dishonored by the bank, we will not accept any further cheque payment from the student. A charge of 15 OMR is charged on the student for return cheques.
  • Any student who have previous outstanding amount won't be allowed to register in the forthcoming semester, unless the student cover the full outstanding dues and 25% of fees for the forthcoming semester.
  • Issue of Transcript and clearance from college will be suspended unless students clear their dues.
  • The credit course books should be purchased by the students, unless he covers the full fees, the college will allow him to borrow the books without extra fees and return it back in the end of the semester.
  • Student can deposit or transfer tuition fees through the below mentioned banks, and inform about the transfer to the accounts department.

S.No. Name of the Bank Branch Account Number
1 Bank Muscat MBD 0331-01000133-002-6
2 Oman Arab Bank Bousher 3141-212212-502