Fee Policy

  • Any new students have to pay a registration fee of 50 OMR which is a onetime payment. Only after the collection of registration fees, students can be registered into the courses.
  • Students have to pay a College facilities fee of 50 OMR every semester both for ESL Courses and Credit Courses with the following Exceptions:

    a) Only during Summer 1 and Summer 2 Semesters for Credit courses, the college facilities would be 20 OMR
    b) Students who register for only 1 course in a semester (Only Spring and Fall Semesters) are waivered of college facilities

  • Any new student who gets admitted to the college or register for a semester should pay at least 25% from the tuition fees including refundable deposit and college facilities.
  • The tuition fees can be paid by installment throughout the semester, and it can be divided into 3 to 4 installments (there is an online provision to enter the installments while registering through eduportal) and the student has to cover all fees within the end of the semester. 25% of the fees must be paid while registering for the semester.
  • All refunds from MCBS are done only on a refund request done by the student or the concerned party
  • Student deposit refunds: Students are required to pay a Refundable deposit amount of 100 RO when they join or 1,000 RO for those students who under our visa. This deposit amount is refunded back to the student once the clearance is done when they leave the college. A clearance form signed by the required departments has to be presented for the refund to be processed.

General Fee    

Application fee (non-refundable for new students only) R.O.50/
Security Deposit (refundable) R.O.100/
College Facilities Fee (every semester) R.O.50/