Master in Commercial Law

Program title in (Arabic and English)
English: Master in Commercial Law
Arabic: ماجستير في القانون التجاري

Entity offering degree:
The Degree is offered by MCBS and is endorsed by University of Missouri- St Louis, UMSL, USA and University of Alexandria

Program Overview

The Master in Commercial Law program is a one-year full time or two-year part time program that will attract graduates from different disciplines, who are seeking to profess in commercial law to a post graduate level. The Graduate Program is interested in attracting professionals, intellectually challenged and critically analytical candidates from a variety of legal, business systems, disciplines with variant career paths. The Master students at MCBS will include lawyers, paralegals, those in business, and others as this is in inclusive post graduate course. The courses diversity will attract participants and contribute to its success; educational experience and expertise including the programs and that of the school.

The program is designed in a way our post graduate students are offered the opportunity whereby they can select modules from a range of electives which cover a disparate branch of law and business at an acknowledged level for the specialisms. Students will learn and enhance their legal and business knowledge whilst studying the key disciplines in law. The program encourages and advances independent learning, innovative thinking in a supportive and professional academic environment which attracts students from around a multi-disciplinary environment. This is the ideal program for students seeking to specialize in postgraduate legal studies whilst broadening their specialized knowledge in other subjects relating to business, further developing their research skills and significantly enhancing their career prospects not only within the legal profession but also within business sectors.

After successful completion of the Master in Commercial Law, students can work in multiple legal sectors, as specialized lawyers, courts, judiciary, in-house government lawyers, banks, in businesses, teachers and as researchers going onto further post graduate studies.

  • Applicants must have bachelor’s degree in Commercial Law or LL. B from a university recognized by the OMAN Ministry of Higher Education with a Cumulative Grade Point Average of not less than 2.5. Applicants with a bachelor in Commercial law and GPA between 2.0 and 2.5 will be required to take bridging courses (3 courses).
  • Students must demonstrate proficiency in English language equivalent to IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 500 or above. Applicants who do not have official TOEFL or IELTS scores are required to take an English test through the Graduate Admissions Office. Students who have completed their degrees in English will permitted to be admitted to the program
  • Applicant from other disciplines (None Law programs) can apply for the program but will be required to take extensive bridging courses (4 courses).
  • The bridge courses are not part of the credit hours required for the master’s degree.

  1. Acquire a higher and in-depth level and comprehension of business and commercial law.
  2. Develop an understanding of the complexities and the necessary technical skills that will allow unilateral thinking.
  3. Apply the graduate knowledge and skills in understanding the fundamentals of business and law within and across the core discipline.
  4. Able to conceptualize, use relevant legal theories, principles, and doctrines to identify, formulate, analyze, and critically evaluate to solve problems within given situations i.e. at a national or international level.
  5. The fundamentals of Independent research, application of theoretical ideas to practice and procedure which are applicable to the complex specialism.
  6. Identify, evaluate and synthesis theories relating to jurisprudence and concepts commensurate to a postgraduate, Master in Commercial Law.
  7. Evidence flexibility, independence, and autonomy be able to adapt; demonstrate ability to be productive without altering ethos or social environment.
  8. Interpret, translate, and narrate information, ideology and practices to experts and laypersons.
  9. Recognize the requirement to be a life-long learner, including practical and vocational training within the legal and business profession and environment.
  10. Become a leader by collaborations, communicate effectively within the legal and business environment and communities enhancing the profession and disciplines.

After successful completion of the program, the student of Master in Commercial Law should demonstrate:

  1. Learn to create, to critique, and analyze while disseminating complicated theoretical information relevant to the specialism of business and commercial law.
  2. Demonstrate ability and capacity to carry out research and present results and evaluation in a coherent, comprehensive and compelling manner i.e. demonstrate persuasive ability, legalese, and predictive legal analysis.
  3. Discuss, debate and advocate, perspectives on legal issues, theories and doctrines from altering and differing positions.
  4. Analyze issues and contentious matters that affect the application of commercial law in practice and reforms currently being debated nationally, regionally, and internationally.
  5. Critically evaluate and analyze the interplay between law and social change in varying contexts.
  6. Conduct efficient and effective secondary research: case law, legislative (Royal Decrees and Ministerial Decisions) national and international laws and directives, at a level commensurate to a postgraduate, Master in Commercial Law.
  7. Communicate effectively and professionally, in multi-disciplinary environments, both orally and written.
  8. Apply knowledge and understanding which are commensurate to demonstrating independent thinking, flexibility, autonomy, thought-out ideology and illustrative of a lifelong learner of business and commercial law.

Proposed Degree Structure

Total Credits: 37

Core Courses:  25 Credits

Specialization in Commercial Law (12 credits) – Commercial Law/Corporate Law/Business Law

Core Courses: 25 credits

MCL 001        Commercial Law in GCC (3)                               Prerequisite: None

MCL 002        Legal Methodology & Writing (3)                        Prerequisite: None

MCL 003        Employment and Labor Law & Policy (3)             Prerequisite: None  

MCL 004       Information Technology Law (3)                           Prerequisite: None   

MCL 005       Advanced Intellectual Property Law (3)                 Prerequisite: MCL 001

MCL 006       Competition and Consumer Law (3)                      Prerequisite: MCL 001

MCL 007       Corporate Law (3)                                                Prerequisite: None   

MCL 210       Dissertation/Project (4)

Elective Courses:  12 Credits-Select any 4 courses

MCL 110        International Business Law (3)                             Prerequisite: MCL 001

MCL 120        Commercial Dispute Resolution (3)                      Prerequisite: MCL 110

MCL 130        GCC Oil and Gas Law (3)                                    Prerequisite: MCL 110

MCL 140         Banking and Finance Law (3)                              Prerequisite: MCL001   

MCL 150         Law of Insurance (3)                                           Prerequisite: MCL 001   

MCL 160         Construction and Real Estate Law (3)                  Prerequisite: MCL001     

MCL 170       CSR & Governance (3)                                         Prerequisite: MCL 007      



Semester I

         Commercial Law in GCC (3)   

         Legal Methodology & Writing (3)        

         Employment and Labor Law & Policy (3)

Semester 2

         Information Technology Law (3)                                  

         Advanced Intellectual Property law (3)         

         Elective Course 1 (3)                   

Semester 3

        Competition and Consumer Law (3)

        Corporate Law (3)

        Elective Course 2 (3)

Semester 4

        Elective Course 3 (3)

        Elective Course 4 (3)

        Dissertation/Project (4)