Bachelor of Science in Management of Design, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Program Overview

Program Description
The program focuses on the intersection of business management, design, innovation, and entrepreneurship, bringing together analytical and creative problem-solving skills. The program aims to equip students with cognitive skills to research, process, refine, and interpret relevant data to analyse complex business situations and environments of new ventures and established business growth opportunities. Students will use their knowledge of principles of business functions and management to start and drive successful business activities, to develop a business idea from a tangible business opportunity and use innovation theory and techniques to maximize that opportunity. Throughout the program, students will develop strategic thinking, planning, organizing, and leading skills, explore business models, interpret commercial opportunities, build an effective team, and source capital funding.

Program Objectives
The Program endeavours / attempts to:

  1. To help the students understand what it takes to be an Entrepreneur 
  2. To enable students to find the right business opportunity
  3. To empower students to do a technical feasibility study and thereby developing a prototype
  4. To help students in identifying their customers using primary and secondary research methods.
  5. To expose students’ various factors of market and competition with the help of market feasibility study, forecasting techniques, business model canvass and insights about financial statements. 
  6. To equip students with finalizing their entrepreneurial Portfolio
  7. Equip students with general and specialized knowledge and practical awareness within the field of management and entrepreneurship, emphasizing creativity, organizational design, innovations, and business development.
  8. Inculcate in students' analytical and transferable skills that will be valuable to them in any career and valued by employers within the industry.
  9. Train students to select and employ appropriate techniques and methods for such processes as setting up new ventures, problem solving, developing and innovating products and business processes, developing organizational structures, leading business organizations to success.
  10. Enhance skills development that will enable students to become independent lifelong learners, responsible and ethical employees, entrepreneurs, and global citizens.
  11. Assist and facilitate the development of professional, personal, and interpersonal skills, which will enable graduates to effectively lead and work independently and in teams in a multicultural business environment.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Know and apply main concepts within various disciplines of business management, entrepreneurship, and innovations.
  2. Use appropriate methods and tools in analysing and solving a wide range of problems within business organization functions, activities, and responsibilities.
  3. Know, recognize, and bare responsibility for their success/failure, contribution to success/ failure of the business organization, and development of the local and global community.
  4. Create, justify, debate ideas related to business management and effectively communicate own opinion with clarity, logic, and persuasiveness in oral and written ways with the effective use of technology.
  5. Identify, assess, and propose solutions to various business problems and suggestions on overcoming the challenges and using the opportunities of the business environment to achieve organizational and individual goals.
  6. Effectively work individually and in teams, as a leader, and as an executive, be innovative and entrepreneurial, creative, and ethical.
  7. Identify, analyse, and critically evaluate complex and unstructured business problems using qualitative and quantitative methods, and inductive and deductive reasoning to construct sound arguments and make effective decisions.

Graduates of this program will emerge with the commercial insight and techniques to become a successful entrepreneur, whether self-employed or as a valuable member of a larger team driving corporate innovations and intrapreneurship. They also would have the option to pursue higher education leading to master’s programs in design thinking, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
Graduates of this program have many opportunities for professional careers in public and private sectors.  Graduates may wish to seek employment in a wide range of fields such as accounting, business analysis, commercial law, communications, entrepreneurship, event management, finance, financial planning, human resources, international business, management, marketing or public relations as intrapreneurs successfully leading established business or use disruptive innovation to create a start-up of their own.  Many management professionals practice as independent consultants, providing their services to a wide variety of clients.

  • A recognized general education diploma or its equivalent
  • English proficiency equivalent to IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL-iBT 65.
  • Applicants who do not have official IELTS or TOEFL scores are required to take MCBS English Placement Test. Based on the scores obtained in this test, students are allowed to begin their credit courses or register in the foundation program.

Duration: Bachelor’s degree requires about 8 semesters or 4 years
Total credits: 120
Program delivery: 30 – 36 credits per year
Internship: Not required but students are strongly encouraged to take a 3-4-month internship. College provides support to students in internship placement

Major Requirements Courses

27 CR

Entrepreneurship &Small Busines Management





Management of Innovation & Technology

Family Business

Managing a Growing Business/Entrepreneurial Growth

New Venture Creation

Graduation Project

Major Electives Courses

6 CR

Social entrepreneurship

Business Intelligence

e-commerce and Digital Marketing

International Management

Personal Financial Planning