Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Management and Organizational Behavior

Program Overview

In modern globalized business world, increasing integration of technology and artificial intelligence into business processes, development of human caliphal became a challenge for any business organization.  BSBA degree with specialization in Management and Organizational Behavior prepares future managers able to work with human capital of any organization (public and private, small enterprises or multinational corporation) and lead it to success in ever changing and challenging environment.

The program represents a wise balance of courses of general and specialized education, provides exceptional multidisciplinary blend of theoretical and practical knowledge, is delivered using student centered learning approach, problem-based methodology and enhanced with plenty opportunities for internship and training.

Graduates with BSBA (MOB) degree have many opportunities for professional careers in a variety of specialized areas, such as: human resource management, management and administration, business units management, project management, organizational change management, employee training and development, organizational development management, entrepreneurship, work place diversity management, etc.

Office managers and administrators work in industry, government, education, and not–for-profit organizations. Many management professionals practice as independent consultants, providing their services to a wide variety of clients.

  • Recognized General Education Diploma or its equivalent.
  • English proficiency equivalent to IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL-iBT 65.

Applicants who do not have official IELTS or TOEFL scores are required to take MCBS English Placement Test. Based on the scores obtained in this test, students are allowed to begin their credit courses or register in the foundation program.

Degree requirements are divided into two categories - General Education, and Business Education. General Education (60 credits) is further divided into Communication/Language Skills (9 credits), Math and Computer Skills (9 credits) , Natural Science (3 credits), Social Science ( 18 Credits), Humanities (12 credits) and Non Business Electives (9 credits). Business Education is divided into General Business Requirements (33 credits), Core specific or Major Requirements (15 credits) and Business Elective (27 credits) requirements.

Duration: Bachelor degree requires about 8 semesters or 4 years
Total credits: 120
Program delivery: 12-15 credits per normal semester and 6 credits per summer semester
Internship: not requires but students are strongly encouraged to take a 3-4-month internship. College provides support to students in internship placement.
Major (Core) courses:
MAN     309      Human Resource Management
MAN     311      Advanced Management and Organizational Behavior
MAN     317      International Management
MAN     319      Employee Training and Development
MAN     392      Entrepreneurship / Small Business Management

As a student at MCBS, from the first days until now it has been exciting experience to study management and organizational behavior (MOB). The instructors who teach this major are highly professional and provide proper examples for students to make them understand what MOB is about specifically. Organizational behavior is an academic discipline which is a systematic study of human behavior in the organization. The MOB program is designed in a way that will prepare student to deal with different situations occur in the organization. This major will deliver to student the most important techniques that they can use with various types people in the organization. ‏Personally, I am very satisfied with this program, and looking forward to get master’s degree in this field.
Abeer Al Balushi
Abeer Al Balushi