Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Marketing

Program Overview

The BSBA (Marketing) is globally recognized, well known and demanded degree. Modern business shall effectively respond to changes in social behavior and challenges caused by globalization, digitalization, informational revolution and robotization. Therefore, today’ marketing managers shall have knowledge and skills above and beyond classic field of Marketing, as it gains bigger strategic importance and is more integrated with other business units of any organization.

BSBA (Marketing) degree incorporates such approach and equips future leaders with needed conceptual and practical knowledge and special skills to be able to tackle different challenges of modern business world and effectively manage vast variety of marketing activities within internal and external communication, research, promotion, strategic disposition, corporate branding, innovations and development. The program blends disciplines of general education, business, information technology, management and offers intensive Marketing specialized courses.

  • Degree endorsed by the University of Missouri, St. Louis (USA).
  • Curriculum designed with input from local industry experts.
  • Strong industry links, workplace and off-site field trips.
  • International faculty.

Marketing specialists are required by all types of organizations: private, public, small, and big, local and multinational corporations of all different industries like Manufacturing, Tourism and Hospitality, Retail, Aviation, Logistics, Mining, Refinery, Health, Finance, Insurance, Transport services, Education, Real Estate, Recruiting.

  • Recognized General Education Diploma or its equivalent.
  • English proficiency equivalent to IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL-iBT 65.

Applicants who do not have official IELTS or TOEFL scores are required to take MCBS English Placement Test. Based on the scores obtained in this test, students are allowed to begin their credit courses or register in the foundation program.

Degree requirements are divided into two categories - General Education, and Business Education. General Education (60 credits) is further divided into Communication/Language Skills (9 credits), Math and Computer Skills (9 credits) , Natural Science (3 credits), Social Science ( 18 Credits), Humanities (12 credits) and Non Business Electives (9 credits). Business Education is divided into General Business Requirements (33 credits), Core specific or Major Requirements (15 credits) and Business Elective (27 credits) requirements.

  • Duration: Bachelor degree requires about 8 semesters or 4 years
  • Total credits: 120
  • Program delivery: 12-15 credits per normal semester and 6 credits per summer semester
  • Internship: not requires but students are strongly encouraged to take a 3-4-month internship. College provides support to students in internship placement.

Major (Core) courses:

MAR          270     Management of Promotion
MAR          275     Marketing Research
MAR          301     Consumer Behavior
MAR          315     Marketing Management
MAR          316     International Marketing

My BSBA (Marketing) qualification is a scholarly academic degree that enabled me to learn relevant marketing skills required for my success. The instructional methods including lectures, case studies and research projects have added analytical and problem-solving skills to my profile which are much valued in the employment market. I strongly recommend BSBA (Marketing) major to my fellow youth for a bright future.
Safa Fallah Amair Al Falahi
Safa Fallah Amair Al Falahi