Welcome Word

Dr. Hesham Magd

It’s an honor to welcome you to the Business and Economics Department where we offer unique academic programs focusing on the local needs with an international and global context.  Our current programs focus on various disciplines such as organizational behaviors, marketing, commercial law, finance, accounting, economics, health and safety, aviation and airport management, transportation and logistics. 

Deciding to choose to study in any of these programs will enrich your experience and allow you to gain the required competencies for today’s dynamic environment.  By allowing yourself to embark on your undergraduate studies at the Business and Economic Department where you will be provided the opportunity to set attainable goals within specific timeframes, you will learn to meet these goals displaying perseverance and confidence in your abilities and you will also learn to provide innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial  solutions to challenging problems.  Business programs will allow you to develop your business knowledge, entrepreneurial and leadership skills that will shape and influence your mind set and advance your career      

Business and Economics compromise of highly qualified and experienced faculty whom represent different countries, which contribute to a dynamic cultural diversity while consciously maintaining and preserving the traditions and customs of Oman and its people.  We believe that once you join the department, you will experience a vibrant, memorable and fruitful learning experience that will provide you with great opportunities to fulfil your goals and put you at the forefront in education and career development.

Hesham Magd.,PhD

Associate Professor of Organizational Excellence and Entrepreneurship
Associate Dean for Quality Assurance & Accreditation
Faculty of Business and Economics, Head
Quality Assurance Advisor