Mr. Bikal Jha

MSc. Aviation

Academic Position Lecturer
Faculty Faculty of Business & Economics       -
Department / Unit Transportation, Logistics & Safety Management 
Office Location General Faculty Office - Fourth Floor
Telephone 24583612
 Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bikal Jha is a professional educator in the field of Aviation. Mr. Jha holds Commercial Pilot License and Master of Science in Aviation management from London. He has over eight years of experience in different areas of Aviation operations.
He has been involved in promoting Aviation Safety by presenting various Aviation safety related topics in major platforms (World Aviation Safety Summit, Flight Safety Foundation, Singapore Aviation Academy and IOSH) and by publishing Aviation articles in different Magazines and newspapers. His recent article titled “Next Generation Equipment for Safer Skies” waspublished in  The Himalayan Times, Article titled “Enhancing Nepalese Air Traffic System” was Published in Aviation Journal (Nepal Army Journal 7’th issue), Review of Investigation Report- Nepal Airlines crash: Published in (online News Portal).

Teaching / Training Interests
His expertise involves Aviation Safety and Security (Implementation of SMS and SSP), Accident Prevention and causations (Investigation, Human Factors), Aviation Law and Policy, Air operations Management, Air Traffic Management (Air space management, Air Traffic Flow Management), Aviation Meteorology and other Aviation and Airport management topics.

Research Areas
His area of research includes: Safety Culture, Accident investigation and Human Factors. Some ongoing research topics are
1.) Review of Inclusion of Human factors’ Perspective in accident investigation in South Asia: A Case Study Approach
2.) 21’st Century Challenges in Accident investigation and the way forward