Mission Statement

The Mission of Modern College of Business and Science is to facilitate learning and growth in knowledge, skills, innovation and technical know-how that will best serve the community in the 21st Century.

MCBS will achieve its mission through the following emphasis:

Student and Academic Excellence

  1. Offering experiential learning, and establish technology savvy culture.
  2. Embedding in teaching, tools of self and lifelong learning to equip students with valuable know-how and skills which will ensure students to excel in workspace.
  3. Updating the curriculum according to the local market needs and international best practices.
  4. Equipping students with effective communication, open exchanges of views, tolerance and appreciation of others point of views.
  5. Training students to be innovative and offer them entrepreneurial skills.

Institution (Modern College of Business and Science)

  1. Broadening and strengthen internal processes.
  2. Improve and standardize the recruitment processe.
  3. Improve administrative and Human Resources policies.

Staff & Faculty

  1. Ensuring continuous professional development of the faculty and support staff.
  2. Support and encourage employees to conduct self-assessments and professional development plans.
  3. Ensure that staff and faculty are supported in their professional development.

Research, Consultancy and Development

  1. Faculty contribution towards creation and sharing of knowledge and expertise.
  2. Support and encourage faculty to contribute towards research, development and consultancy as well as institutional research.

Outreach and Engagement

  1. MCBS involvement in the transfer of knowledge to local community.
  2. Support local community by offering much needed training and services in areas of its expertise.
  3. Assist in transfer of knowledge through open lectures and talks on topics of interest to the local community and events.
  4. Develop a productive relationship with other regional and local academic institutions to ensure advancement of knowledge and research.
  5. Cooperate and develop relationships with local and international academic institutions in knowledge sharing for better and cost effective services.