Department of General Education

What is General Education?

The Department of General Education administers the General Education Program. Students do not major in any of the areas offered by the department. Rather, the department provides courses for major areas of study, which are essential to a university degree under the American degree system. The College is committed to maintaining a strong General Education program to increase the breadth of the curriculum for its students.

General Education courses aim at widening MCBS students’ knowledge and enabling them to use analytic and expressive skills so they can think critically and be life-long learners. Courses that fulfill the General Education requirements are either required or electives. The passing grade for required courses is a C- and a D for electives.

  1. Communications
  2. Humanities
  3. Social Sciences
  4. Life and the Natural Sciences, and Interdisciplinary Studies

All majors must satisfy the college’s General Education requirements. The number of credit hours needed in General Education varies according to the degree program, ranging from 30 to 60 credit hours.
The courses listed below provide students with options to fill the requirements of the Associate and Bachelor’s Degrees. 

Discipline Course Code Course Name
Communicating Skills  
  ENG 101 English Composition I
  ENG 102 English Composition II
  ENG 212 Business Writing
  ENG 213 Technical Writing
Natural Sciences  
  BIO 100 General Biology
  PHY 1 How Things Work
  NSE (TR-1) Natural Sciences Elective
Social Sciences  
  ECON 110 Principle of Microeconomics
  ECON 120 Principle of Macroeconomics
  ENT 201 Entrepreneurship- Creativity and Innovation
  EDU 132 Personal Health
  HIST 003 American Civilization
  HIST 100 History of Islamic Science
  POLSCI 140 Public Administration
  POLSCI 180 International Relations
  POLSCI 1820 Global Issues
  PSYCH 003 Introduction to Psychology
  PSYCH 160 Social Psychology
  SOC 10 Introduction to Sociology
  SOC 120 Social Issues
  SOC 1311 Social Change
  SOC 140 Critical Thinking
  SSE (TR-1) Social Sciences Elective
  SSE (TR-2) Social Sciences Elective
  COM  030 Interpersonal Communication
  COM  040 Intercultural Communications
  COM 070 Introduction to Cinema
  ENG 105 Introduction to Public Speaking
  ENG 112 Topics in Writing
  ENG 120 Introduction to Literature
  ENG 140 World Literature
  ENG 220 Introduction to Literary Studies
  ENG 280 Topics in Arabic Literature
  PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy
  PHIL 125 Islamic Philosophy
  PHIL 154 Business Ethics
  PHIL 160 Formal Logic
  PHIL 258 Ethics & Computers
  PHIL 280 Philosophy of Science
  HE (TR-1) Humanities Elective
  HE (TR-2) Humanities Elective