ESL & General Foundation Department: Overview

The English program at our ESL Dept. is open to all non-native speakers of English who wish to develop their language skills, pursue their studies in higher education, or further their professional careers.

The program is based on an integrated-skill approach, and is designed to help our students get the best learning experience. Learning, to that effect, is pretty much student-centered and our teachers always engage in best teaching practices.

During our students’ course of study, various language components and subskills are highlighted. For example, they learn in listening and speaking how to develop their note-taking strategies, deliver effective presentations, and take part in lively debates.


  • The academic year at MCBS is divided into three semesters: Fall, Spring, and Summer.
  • The English program comprises four levels that can be completed in four semesters.
  • Students aspiring to join a Bachelor’s program will also be required to do courses in applied mathematics and fundamentals of computing.

Welcome to the English as a Second Language Department at the Modern College of Business and Science. We proudly offer our students a great opportunity to improve their language skills. The ESL Dept. offers both full daytime and evening English programs. We have proudly been teaching English as a foreign language for more than 18 years, making us the Sultanate’s oldest private college. Welcome to the ESL Dept. and wish you all an awesome experience.
Salah  Al-Hanshi
Salah Al-Hanshi
Director of the ESL and General Foundation Programs